Monday, September 1, 2008

my reactions when i fisrt come to us

when I fisrt come to US I had good and bad reations.The bad reations were:
fisrt:I ended up getting seak because of stress.I had constant head-ache,heart problems and breathing difficults.In addition I was not able to sleep at night because of body's pain.I liked the experience because I learnt how to deal with problems alone without the help of my family and to be open to people.When I arrived in Wachington airport I discovered that I had lost my main luggage that had all my cloths and my school diplomas.I reported the case and I was told that I would get my luggage at my destination so I had no choice rather than wait for its arrival at Marrion airport.When I arrived at S.Louis airport where I was suppose to get a plan to carbondale I got into the wrong plan and I got lost.The good reactions are that I come to know different people from different cultures.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hi, this is Salama

My name is Salama I live on neely hall.My favorite color is blue and my favorite pets are cats.Nice to meet you.